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Bringing AI to Nutrition

Portion sizes, dietary plan structure, food volume, food variety, daily nutrient needs, and food preferences are all important details everyone must worry about every time they have a meal. That’s why we are training an AI to do it for you while you can focus on staying active, fit, and healthy.

More Than a Diet Planner

A brief overview of the Features

Measuring Body

Update Your Measurements Weekly

Get a daily diet plan according to your goal, make the app measure & track your progress by using personal your own measurements

Preparing Food

Get Lists Of daily Ingredients

Save time, effort, and money by getting a list that contains all of your needs of calories and macro-nutrients customized just for you

Choosing Food

Personalize Dietary Preferences

Control what you eat and get an analysis of your diet as a whole that provides unique insights on how you should tweak your diet

Ready to go shopping List

Get a weekly shopping list of all the items you need to buy for the week and their quantity for healthier shopping habits

Why CalorieAid?

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A healthy diet is at the core of your overall health. It is key for longevity, increasing your lifespan, and decreasing the chances of getting nutrition-related diseases such as cardiac diseases and diabetes.

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Logging food is confusing because you need to fit all of your nutritional needs into a daily diet without overeating. We really believe that everyone needs nutritional guidance presented in the form of a well-structured diet.

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CalorieAid will save you money, pointing you in the direction of the right foods to buy, keeping you healthy, disease free, and with a lesser medical bill. It will also maximize the benefit you get from working out by keeping your nutrition on the right track.

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