We believe in a future where no one should worry about their nutrition, ever.

At CalorieAid, We are fine-tuning an AI to take care of all of the nutritional nuances you face every time you have a meal. It will track your progress, adjust accordingly, and personalize your food choices according to what you like to eat. You won’t have to worry about your nutrition anymore or restrict yourself to boring, repetitive meals that we know will weaken your resolve and won’t be very effective in the long run. Instead, you will only focus on your workout, goals, and achieving the ultimate fitness you hope for.

Everyone is entitled to cheap, accessible nutritional advice. That’s why we’re delivering our AI via a user-friendly mobile app. The mobile app is designed to guide you along your journey and steer the AI in the best nutritional direction for you, in addition to being fun and intuitive to use.

The Founder's Journey

What started as a personal endeavor to get in shape, became a mission to help everyone achieve the same goal. Being a full-time medical doctor and an avid cook in my spare time, I was faced with controversy. I really wanted to practice what I preach but I couldn’t let go of what I loved to eat, so I set on a personal journey to refine the way I cook to become healthier without compromising the taste and sometimes the authenticity of the recipe. To my surprise, cooking healthy made me achieve a balanced taste and greatly improved my cooking, and become healthier as well as got in shape. As I delved deep into my mission, I wanted to pick up some software tools to help me along the way, but I didn’t like what most of the apps were offering, and soon found out that many people had the same problem. Calorie counters had a late effect and their approach felt backward to me as a medical professional. So I studied design and made CalorieAid myself basing it on my medical knowledge. Then I discovered AI and what it can do, and from that day I decided that I wanted to move forward by passing my scientific knowledge to it so it can help everyone.

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